Nope. Sorry. I’m not your gal.

I feel like I should give my disclaimer upfront so I don’t waste your time.

You’ve come to the wrong place, if you’re looking for a ninja, a guru, a rockstar…

  • a master,
  • a diva,
  • a sensei,
  • a princess,
  • a queen,
  • a genius,
  • a braggart,
  • a studmuffin,
  • a badass,
  • a BAMF,
  • a nerd,
  • a geek,
  • a super geek,
  • a super freak,
  • a legend,
  • or a superhero.

You could say I get a little prickly about all that.
I’m just a professional writer.
I don’t think I take myself too seriously.

Anyways, if you’re holding out for hero, best not to hire me.


Not to #humblebrag, but — yah, I know hashtags, too — I haven’t done well with labels since high school. I got tired of being called a nerd. Good Lord, the complex it gave me. How many English majors do you know who took advanced Cal classes through Diff EQ? Not too many.

I do a good job. I enjoy my work. I pride myself on it. I got a ++ in being conscientious all the way through K to 12.

Also, I’m a grown up. As you may be able to tell by the stasis of my pop culture allusions. Sue me.

… if I’m your guru or ninja or princess, believe me, we’ve all taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Featured image credit: Demi DeHerrera on Unsplash