Share. Remarkable. Content. (Part II)


Just like the people at museums who pick and choose the best stuff to go in a particular exhibit, curating content is a worthwhile occupation for your online presence keepers. The museum folks may be artists who create original works; but in their role as curator, they’re hand-picking and arranging the best assets from others. It is an art in and of itself; to learn more, see The Content Strategist as Digital Curator by Erin Scime.

As Social Media Guru, author, Professor Clay Shirky titled his now-famous speech at Web 2.0 Expo NY: It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure. There are people out there seeking the information you can give them. Catch them on their inbound searches; engage them; compel them to come back; and you become their trusted resource. Respect that trust by curating well.

Be empathic and personable

Empathy says, “I get you. I dig where you’re coming from. Maybe I’ve never had that myself; but I hear you.” And, sure, social media represents the brand; but it’s done by real people. It may be outsourced to ghost writers or agencies in Malaysia or ghost writing agencies in Malaysia. But, they’re real folks and they haven’t been replaced by robots yet. In an increasingly fast-paced, fragmented society, it’s this human connection that many of us find so invaluable.

For further reading on how big companies can be personable, see this example of content creation. I’m calling it flow-through; please tell me in the comments below if it’s been properly jargonized yet. I wanna use all the hip words, too, like the cool kids. Social Media Guru Guy Kawasaki posted to his own blog, How to Be Empathic. He mails in a few sentences of his own and whoosh, forwards all of his readers to Gandhi’s Neurons: The Practice of Empathy, a virtual treatise by emotional intelligence specialist and author Bruna Martinuzzi initially hosted on American Express’ Small Business Forum Open, now posted over at Clarion Enterprises.

Just so you know Kawasaki got 92 retweets of this post. You can see that flowing-through useful content counts on all the points we’ve listed: compelling, engaging, interacting, curating. And, can you see how it’s reciprocative? Don’t you bet the good folks at American Express and Ms. Martinuzzi really appreciate his “link love”?