Share. Remarkable. Content. (Part I)

Compel action

Of course, action means reading your remarkable content in the first place. Action can be REmarking on your remark-able content – commenting, sharing, forwarding, responding. Action can also mean subscribing to the RSS feed, entering an ongoing dialogue, initiating a dialogue, asking a question. Eventually, a percentage of Google searchers for YOU will funnel through these multiple, leveled action points until they’re compelled to visit your shopping cart or pick up the phone and ask for a consultation.

Deliver high signal to noise

We borrowed this phrase from engineer types and think of it like old-timey radios. When you sat around the fire with Gramma and her dog listening to the latest dramas, you were there for the signal. When it wasn’t coming in so clear and all you got was static, that was just so much noise.
Make sure your online offering is a high-quality, regularly-refreshing, timely resource with worthwhile, useful, intriguing, and sometimes hysterical content.

Engage, contribute, and reciprocate

Only at the very basest level, at minimum, is social media about broadcasting your message. Effective, successful social media is much more interested in engagement:

  • (re)creating and sharing with your community online;
  • serving them with knowledge and resources to light their journey along the purchasing path to you, your product, your service;
  • allowing opportunity for thoughtful dialogue;
  • extending your support into the virtual space;
  • together developing a reliable presence in the world to which they can turn from the relative privacy of their own cubicle or dining room or train commute.

According to digital analyst Brian Solis,

If Social Media warranted a mantra, it would look something like this, ‘Always pay it forward and never forget to pay it back…it’s how you got here and it defines where you’re going.’

For more on these social media behaviors, see his post, The Benevolent Acts of Reciprocity and Recognition.