It’s Snot Revolutionary

* repost from a long time ago * 

I first learned of neti pots in yoga class where my teacher demonstrated how to use one (empty that is).  Neti pots are yogic tools of cleansing have become so mainstream in the last few years that you only have to go as far out of the way as your corner pharmacy/convenience store to find one.  No more trekking to new age crystal shops, no more browsing among Wickkan goodies.

Neti pots get cred points among those of us who may have been burned by the burgeoning Big Pharma-medico-industrial complex because they’re elegant, simple, and ancient Ayurveda.  Seriously, Michael Graves, if you’re out there, design a neti pot for Target.

I’ve not tried one yet.  Seems to require putting a crick in your neck on purpose.  And, I’ve got visions of the effluent running out the other nostril down my cheek and into my ear and hair.  As if my ears aren’t already affected by the allergic cascade.

Perhaps the user is instructed to un-crick her neck instantaneously so her salinated snot runs over her upper lip and her mouth.

Nevermind whiplash, I’m just not athletic enough to perch, bent, over the sink while irrigating my sinuses.

That’s why I use NeilMed. (I should totally be getting paid this product placement.)

I wish American medicine had awoken to this mechanical, not pharmaceutical, self-care technique sooner.  Likewise, I wish homeopathy and psychoneuroimmunology had more traction even now.  (See for instance the collected works of Larry Dossey, Joan Borseynko, Bernie Siegel, et al.)

When I was teaching little bitties, my ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor recommended NeilMed to combat chronic sinusitis.  I won’t go into graphic detail about my previous system of nasal evacuation, ahem, manually.

NeilMed in the shower has become a part of my maintenance routine – and you thought it was only beauty sleep, didn’t ya?

I don’t have to crane over the sink.  I don’t have to mix my own salt solution – because we all know I wouldn’t.  I don’t have to undeviate my septum up to my knuckles.  (Ew.  I know, right?!)  I don’t get any on me that I can’t immediately wash off.  And, I get the added benefit of warm, humid air relaxing my asthmatic airways.  (Also an ancient Ayurvedic technique, I’m sure.  And, Greek and Roman and Turkish, too for that matter.)

Ultimately, NeilMed didn’t save my career as an el ed ESL teacher (elementary education English as a Second Language).  The uber-specialist sinus surgeon said I could have sinus surgery, which we both know, both from experience, offers little help and rarely “sticks”, as it were.

Even still, the NeilMed Starter Kit and refill packs are worth their weight in antibiotics, steroids, side effects, and night sweats.