I Don’t Create Killer Content. Here’s Why.

I drafted this post on a Friday night with a bit of a punch-drunk, end-of-a-long-week whim. I’d been creating content — thought pieces, SEO copy, blog posts, tweet & status updates — for clients.

Consuming content headlong and face first.

Like this guy. The Master. Must. Consume.

[I published and privated this post a few times in quick succession.

I worried about my professional image. Do I want to portray myself as a lady? A professional businesswoman? Proper, sophisticated, and elegant? Pantyhose, pumps, helmet hair, the whole bit?

Or is it okay to convey that I’m damned good at what I do and I sometimes swear?

(In my own copy, that is, for my own brand not for yours, unless that’s your voice. But, even if it is, you can’t have mine. Because my voice is my online soul. And it’s not for sale. Neither is my corporeal one.)]

I drafted this post before another unarmed teenager was shot to death.

By an officer of the peace.

Before this:

Before this:

I drafted this post before Robin Williams died.

Before this:

Before this:

On Wednesday of last week, I was rear ended at low speed.

I’m fine. She’s fine. Her insurance is picking up the tab, estimated at $3900. O_o

The thing is, I watched her come on in my rearview mirror.
The 2×6″ horror movie, as my friend Brad called it.

It was like a scene from Death Proof, only not that fun one. I had nowhere to bail & in that moment was a defenseless, not a defensive, driver.

So, it’s just possible that I’m seeing what I’m looking for.

And, that means that, right now, I’m seeing boatloads of mortals. Dying. Boatloads.



More hospitals- and villages-full.

Because, ultimately, that’s what we do.

That’s why I don’t create killer content.

[Zoinks! The intro’s better than the damned draft.
Which follows, for historical, and by that I mean egoic, purposes.]


Welp. Just saw another cliched clickbait trite post titled:

X Steps / Methods / Techniques to  Craft / Write / Make / Conjure KILLER Content

In my head, that reads with a drunk frat boy accent.

In my head, this next bit reads with a BBC accent.

The following links should take you to up-to-the-moment news searches on:

We don’t need another hero. (??)

We don’t need more killers.
We don’t need category killers.
We don’t need killer apps.
We don’t need killer content.
Words have meaning. Let’s have content that builds, bridges, inspires, incites maybe, but not that kills.

What we do need is…

Solid, earnest, valuable, worthwhile, shareable, wise, relevant, proportionate, meaningful content.

Clear copy that conveys, not just information, but understanding.

Not a tedious rehash of the same ol’ shit, but a fresh perspective, a new angle.
Not just another flashing neon call to action.

Vegas CTAs

What we need is an invitation to connect.

To belong, to learn. An entrance into, a welcoming.

Not a sales funnel, as if sales prospects are just so much sausage for the grinder.

What we need is a meeting of minds, an introduction to our community and its resources.

And, not to be too dopey about it, what we need is here.

And we pray, not
for new earth or heaven, but to be
quiet in heart, and in eye
clear. What we need is here.

~ Wendell Berry,

“Wild Geese” from Collected Poems 1957-1982 (North Point Press)

Featured image credit: Neil Thomas, Finley Design on Unsplash